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A system extension to display images every time your PalmOS® handheld is turned on or off.


Brand your Palm™ / Sony™ / Handspring™ / Handera™ handheld. Take the image of

and show it every time your handheld is turned on or off.
Or make a gift and take an image of your own ;-).

All kinds of PalmOS® handhelds (Palm, Sony, Handspring, Handera, Kyocera, Acer) supported.

Create your image database with an easy to use tool and see a preview of your image before it's downloaded to your handheld.
Add a comment to the database to notice the authorship of the database.

Open Logo hack consists of a PalmOS System extension (aka. hack), an application for PalmOS 5.0 and a creator program for your Windows PC, Mac or Linux Box.

If you don't want to install any program at your computer, an online converter is also available.

New! Have a look at the latest online converter New!

Latest Version: (01 May 2004)
OLH-1.16 (Hack-1.15, Appl-1.15, Java-Creator-1.14, List-Creator-1.6).
Supports external memory like SD/MC or MemoryStick to store the logo database.
Supports High Density Mode (320x320) with PalmOS 4 and PalmOS 5.

Bugfix and improvements

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Features / Limitations

Hack / Application Features:

Creator Features:

Application Limitations:

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Hack/Appl configuration

English configuration screen, Palm m505 Backlight Utility installed German configuration screen, Palm m505 Backlight Utility installed
Screenshot configuration Screenshot Konfiguration


Creator program (running on Linux), with three images loaded. Different formats and preview modes selected

Creator Screenshot

Creator program (running on Mac OS X)

Creator Screenshot

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You can download the packages from sourceforge download page or take the direct download links for the latest version. The sourceforge download page will also have an older version of OLH available.

Available Packages

DescriptionVersion NumberSize Location
Binary Package
  • prc files (each about 18 KB),
  • GNU logos (7KB B/W and 31KB Color)
  • creator program
1.16269 KB
Source Package
  • complete project sources incl. HTML and PDF documentation
1.16955 KB
Small Package
  • prc files (20KB upto 25KB),
  • GNU logos (7KB B/W and 31KB Color)
  • Documentation (46 KB)
1.16124 KB
Documentation (HTML)
  • This Website as single HTML file (without images)
-46 KBolh.html
Documentation (PDF)
  • This website as single PDF file
-181 KB olh.pdf


Palm m500 Backlight Utility

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To use OLH at your PalmOS2..4 handheld you will need a program to manage PalmOS system extensions (aka Hacks).

X-Master Download
EVPlugbase Download

To use OLH at your PalmOS 5 handheld you will need no additional Palm programs.

To use the creator tool at your PC you need the JRE, the Java Runtime Environment.

DescriptionVersion NumberSize Location
Windows1.35MB (engl.)Download
Solaris1.314 MBDownload
Windows / Linux / Solaris1.4- Download
Mac OS X--Preinstalled

Please follow the install instructions provided by the JRE to install JAVA 2 Runtime environment.

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Hack (PalmOS 2.0 .. 4.1)

Appl (PalmOS 5)


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Hack / Application / ext. memory usage

If you are using the
If you are using the
Screenshot activate hack Screenshot activate application
Start your Hackmaster (or compatible) program and select Open Logo Hack for configuration. Start the Application and tap the Configuration-button.

  • Select the configuration for the wakeup or sleep logo. Wakeup and sleep logo can be configured independent.
Screenshot Configuration
  • Select the time how long the bitmap will be shown. You may show the bitmap from one seconds upto nine seconds. A tap on the display or silkscreen area will cancel the display before the display time has finished. See also OLH Preferences/Force display waittime.
  • Specify the selection mode for the bitmap.
    • none
      No bitmap is shown.
    • single
      The selected bitmap is shown.
    • cyclic
      A range of bitmaps from the database will be shown, one after another.
    • random
      A range of bitmaps from the database will be shown, randomly picked.
  • Select a bitmap from the list of available bitmaps.
  • Select a range (for cyclic and random selection) of bitmaps from the list of available bitmaps.
    • All
      Set the range from the first to the last bitmap within the database.
    • Start
      Select a bitmap from the list and tap the button Start. This will set the range start to this bitmap. If no range end was set before, the range end will also set to this bitmap.
      Every time you select this bitmap the pushbutton Start will be selected.
    • End
      Select a bitmap from the list and tap the button End. This will set the range end to this bitmap. If no range start was set before, the range start will also set to this bitmap.
      Every time you select this bitmap the pushbutton End will be selected.

    To check the range of bitmaps simply tap on all bitmaps on the list and have a look at the pushbuttons Start and End. If a pushbutton is selected it will mark this bitmap as range start or range end.

Screenshot range start

Screenshot range end
  • Tap the Test-Button the see the bitmaps and test the ranges for cyclic and random selection mode.
  • Tap the About Logo DB-Button the see the info about the logo database supplied by the database author.
  • Tap the OK-Button to finish configuration.

Activation / Deactivation
If you are using the
If you are using the
Screenshot activate hack Screenshot activate application
Start your Hackmaster (or compatible) program, select Open Logo Hack and mark it for activation. To activate OLH tap the Activate-button. To deactivate tap the Deactivate-button.
If your device is performs a soft reset, OLH asks automaticaly for reactivation.

Turn your handheld off and on. You should see the selected bitmap for a short time.
You may cancel the picture's display with a hardware button or with a tap on the display.
Attention: The button or the tap are forwarded to the current application. If you tap on the screen where a button is located the button will be activated. See also OLH Preferences/Force display waittime

External Memory Support
You may use external memory (Compact Flash, Memory Stick, and SmartMedia) to store the logo database.
Use the menus
  • File/DB->memory card
    to export the database to the external memory. The file " olHaLogos" is created in the directory "/PALM/Programs/"
  • File/DB->internal memory
    to import the database from the external memory to internal memory. The file "olHaLogos" is read from the directory " /PALM/Programs/".

Access to external memory is much slower than internal memory. Be aware that there may some significant delay before the logo is shown. You may activate the prefetch image mode to decrease the delay (and increase memory usage).

Don't move the application or the hack to the external memory!

Screenshot VFS menu

OLH Preferences
Use the menu Options/OLH Preferences for special OLH preferences. Screenshot Options

Use the menu Options/Reset Configuration to reset the configuration and to recalculate the device hardware capabilities. This may help if you get an error message with "Unsupported Bitmaptype" but you know your device is able to handle this kind of bitmap (reported for a Palm3c after an upgrade to PalmOS4.1). Screenshot reset-menu
See also: Application Limitations and FAQs.

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Java Database Creator

Creator Screenshot There is a Database Creator tool which is implemented in Java using Swing Classes.

Usage Sony Hires Mode and Hires+ Mode

To use the Database Creator tool to create logo's with a size of 320x320, 320x450 or 320x480 pixel use the menu Preferences/Logo size . A small dialog let's you choose the new logo size and the display type. Choose the logo size and PalmOS 2 .. PalmOS 4.x display for the display type. You may create logos with for the following devices

320x320all Sony Clie
320x450Sony Clie NR70 / NR70V
The virtual silkscreen area will be used for the logo. The status are is visible.
320x480Sony Clie NR70 / NR70V
The virtual silkscreen and the status area will be used for the logo.

PalmOS High Density Mode

To use the Database Creator tool to create logo's with a size of 320x320 pixel use the menu Preferences/Logo size. A small dialog let's you choose the new logo size. Select 320x320 for the size and PalmOS 5 or 4 w. hires display for the display type.

Default settings

To change the default settings you have to edit the file olh.ini .

When you start the creator the next time the preview and logo images are shown with a new resolution.

Example: olh.ini


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Online Database Creator

There is a new online converter for "Open Logo Hack" databases available. It is based on the same code as the Java converter and is hosted at the new MCS2 infrastructure of This converter gives you control over the image conversion (like the Java converter) and has a better preview mode than the old ones. You also may create logos for Sony hires+ modes and PalmOS 5 hires display and custom size.

Sometimes it seems to be a little slow or may be unavailable. So please be patient, it's a free service of

Click here to jump to the new online converter

If don't want to install a Java 2 Runtime Environment you may use this online converters.
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List Database Creator

List interface

This is a very simple interface. A list of filenames and properties. Create a file with content like this:

#* This is a simple inputfile to create a logo database                      */
#* Empty lines and lines starting with # are treated as comment              */
#* Format: (start each line at column 0)                                     */
#*                                                                           */
#* !Database info 1                                                          */
#* !Database info 2                                                          */
#* !Database info 3..n                                                       */
#*                                                                           */
#* Name in list                                                              */
#* Bits per pixel  1|2|4|8|16                                                */
#* Compressiontype None|Scanline|RLE|Packbits                                */
#* Filename                                                                  */
#*                                                                           */

!GNU Logos 
!(c) Free Software Foundation


Dynamic Duo
and start the listconverter using the command
java -classpath olh.jar olh.ui.fromList listname.txt logo.pdb to create a logo database for use with the "Open Logo Hack".
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PilRC Database Creator

To make a logo database with PilRC create a resource file and add the following resources:

STRINGTABLE ID 1000 "" "Pinguin" "Dynamic Duo" 
                       "Dynamic Duo Gray" 
                       "Dynamic Duo Color"

BITMAP       ID 3000 "PenguinLogo.xbm"  NOCOMPRESS
BITMAPGREY   ID 3001 "dynamicduo160.xbm"  COMPRESS
BITMAPGREY16 ID 3002 "gnu-and-penguin-grey16.pgm"  NOCOMPRESS
BITMAPCOLOR  ID 3003 "gnu-and-penguin-color-1.bmp"  NOCOMPRESS
BITMAPCOLOR  ID 4003 "gnu-and-penguin-color-2.bmp"  NOCOMPRESS

  TITLE "Logo DB Info" 
  MESSAGE "A small info" 
  BUTTONS "Thanks" 
A simple marker

A stringtable Resource with all names.

All bitmaps, starting with ID 3000. Use a offset of 1000 the append the new bitmap. Up to 6 images supported for Sony Hires+
An alert Resource with ID 3000 for database comment.

Use "pilrc" and "build-prc --type DATA --creator olHa" to create a logo database.

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Logo Databases

Open Logo Hack: GNU Logo Gallery
GNUUse GNU Dynamic DuoGNU is the key
TUXTyping GNU Gnu and PenguinYour logo here

Some great logos of NASA's Chandra X-Ray and Hubble Telescope (© Gilbert A. Rankin, 2003)
Logos @

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Licensing / Warranty


Open Logo Hack is free software that is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 2 or later. This license allows you to use, modify and redistribute this software.

Commercial usage is also possible with this license. Please let me know if you use Open Logo Hack with your product.

For more information on free software, please visit the FreeSoftware Foundation.

If you enjoy using this program, please send me a postcard to show your appreciation of my time and effort. Postcards with local motives from your place are perfectly ok.

You will find my postal address at the "About Open Logo Hack" form of OLH using the small (i) at the upper right corner. The "About Open Logo Hack" form will be activated with the menu "Options/About Open Logo Hack" at the Open Logo Hack configuration dialog.


Copyright © 2001-2004 by Frank Schnekenbühl


There is absolutely no warranty for the program. Use at your own risk.
Please report errors / misbehavior.

Contact / Help

If you need help installing or using "Open Logo Hack" let me know and I'll try to help.

Don't hesitate, send me ( an email.

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Supported Hardware

Open Logo Hack works well on all Hardware platforms with 160x160 pixel black and white, grayscale or color display (8bit and direct color) and PalmOS 2.0 or higher.

Sony Clie handhelds are supported upto 320x480 pixel screen resolution

It was tested on:

Test reports for other Hardware/PalmOS versions are welcome.

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Version 1.1601 May 2004 Improvement:
Support for Treo 600
Clock application doesn't start when using Select-button on TT
Version 1.1527 Aug 2003 New Feature:
Set a range for cyclic and random selection mode
Prefetch logo when loaded from external memory
Turn off screen after showing sleep logo
Progress dialog when moving database to/from external memory
Autoactivate after softreset (Application)
Creator: Small Improvements and error handling
Added logo size "160x130" for chinese palm devices
Version 1.1425 May 2003 New Features:
Porting OLH to PalmOS 5. OLH for PalmOS5 is an application and doesn't use traps.
Support for High Density Mode (320x320) on PalmOS 4 and PalmOS 5
VFS Support (use external memory for logo db)
Version 1.1323 Jul 2002 Bugfix Hack: 16 bit images were shown very slowly on Sony Clie
Version 1.1220 Jul 2002 New Feature: "Late Clear Screen" configuration switch
Support of Sony Hires+ (320x480) mode (Sony Clie NR70)
Exceed the 64k limit for logo's
Version 1.1126 May 2002 New Feature: Sony Hires Mode for Hack and Creator
Version 1.1026 Jan 2002 Bugfix Hack: Handspring Visor Prism won't go to sleep when in cradle
New Feature Hack: Packbits compression
Added Menu for reseting the configuration
New Feature Creator: Packbits compression
Dialog for cropping the loaded image
Info Dialog about compression result
Online Converter
Version 1.903 Nov 2001 New Feature: Support for Palm Backlight utility
New Feature: Cancel the display of the logo if you are in hurry
Version 1.829 Sep 2001 Bugfix Creator: For details see file "ChangeLog"
New Feature: "random" bitmap selection
New Feature: Show bitmap when handheld is turned off
Version 1.724 Aug 2001 Bugfix Hack: For details see file "ChangeLog"
New Feature: 16 bit COLOR support
New Feature: Creator can import imagerX .pdb files
Version 1.627 July 2001 Bugfix: For details see file "ChangeLog"
Version 1.514 July 2001 New Feature: COLOR support for Hack and creator tool.
Bugfix: For details see file "ChangeLog"
Version 1.44 July 2001 Bugfixes: For details see file "ChangeLog"
New Feature: Database comment added
Version 1.328 June 2001 Bugfixes: For details see file "ChangeLog"
Version 1.213 June 2001 Improvements of creator tool. Can read .pdb and .prc files to extract images
Version 1.15 May 2001 Small typo corrections
Version 1.03 May 2001 First public release

A note on version numbers

Each package has a version number and each component (program) has it's own version number.The version number consists of a major and minor number.

The minor number will change for bugfixes or new features. The major number will change when the software is no longer compatible to the previous version, e.g. change of database layout.

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Used other Open Source or free modules

ACME Labs (Java Classes),

HtmlLayout (Java Classes)

KeyPoint Software (Java Classes)

MakeDocJ (Jeffrey A. Krzysztow)

Icons Copyright(C) 1998 by Dean S. Jones

HTMLDOC Copyright 1997-2002 Easy Software Products


Palm OS is a registered trademark of Palm, Inc.

Palm is a trademark of Palm, Inc.

Sony is a trademark of Sony, Inc.

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