You can download the packages from sourceforge download page or take the direct download links for the latest version. The sourceforge download page will also have an older version of OLH available.

Available Packages

Description Version Number Size Location
Binary Package
  • prc files (each about 18 KB),
  • GNU logos (7KB B/W and 31KB Color)
  • creator program
1.16 269 KB
Source Package
  • complete project sources incl. HTML and PDF documentation
1.16 955 KB
Small Package
  • prc files (20KB upto 25KB),
  • GNU logos (7KB B/W and 31KB Color)
  • Documentation (46 KB)
1.16 124 KB
Documentation (HTML)
  • This Website as single HTML file (without images)
- 46 KB olh.html
Documentation (PDF)
  • This website as single PDF file
- 181 KB olh.pdf


Description Location
Palm m500 Backlight Utility

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