Version 1.16 01 May 2004 Improvement:
Support for Treo 600
Clock application doesn't start when using Select-button on TT
Version 1.15 27 Aug 2003 New Feature:
Set a range for cyclic and random selection mode
Prefetch logo when loaded from external memory
Turn off screen after showing sleep logo
Progress dialog when moving database to/from external memory
Autoactivate after softreset (Application)
Creator: Small Improvements and error handling
Added logo size "160x130" for chinese palm devices
Version 1.14 25 May 2003 New Features:
Porting OLH to PalmOS 5. OLH for PalmOS5 is an application and doesn't use traps.
Support for High Density Mode (320x320) on PalmOS 4 and PalmOS 5
VFS Support (use external memory for logo db)
Version 1.13 23 Jul 2002 Bugfix Hack: 16 bit images were shown very slowly on Sony Clie
Version 1.12 20 Jul 2002 New Feature: "Late Clear Screen" configuration switch
Support of Sony Hires+ (320x480) mode (Sony Clie NR70)
Exceed the 64k limit for logo's
Version 1.11 26 May 2002 New Feature: Sony Hires Mode for Hack and Creator
Version 1.10 26 Jan 2002 Bugfix Hack: Handspring Visor Prism won't go to sleep when in cradle
New Feature Hack: Packbits compression
Added Menu for reseting the configuration
New Feature Creator: Packbits compression
Dialog for cropping the loaded image
Info Dialog about compression result
Online Converter
Version 1.9 03 Nov 2001 New Feature: Support for Palm Backlight utility
New Feature: Cancel the display of the logo if you are in hurry
Version 1.8 29 Sep 2001 Bugfix Creator: For details see file "ChangeLog"
New Feature: "random" bitmap selection
New Feature: Show bitmap when handheld is turned off
Version 1.7 24 Aug 2001 Bugfix Hack: For details see file "ChangeLog"
New Feature: 16 bit COLOR support
New Feature: Creator can import imagerX .pdb files
Version 1.6 27 July 2001 Bugfix: For details see file "ChangeLog"
Version 1.5 14 July 2001 New Feature: COLOR support for Hack and creator tool.
Bugfix: For details see file "ChangeLog"
Version 1.4 4 July 2001 Bugfixes: For details see file "ChangeLog"
New Feature: Database comment added
Version 1.3 28 June 2001 Bugfixes: For details see file "ChangeLog"
Version 1.2 13 June 2001 Improvements of creator tool. Can read .pdb and .prc files to extract images
Version 1.1 5 May 2001 Small typo corrections
Version 1.0 3 May 2001 First public release

A note on version numbers

Each package has a version number and each component (program) has it's own version number.The version number consists of a major and minor number.

The minor number will change for bugfixes or new features. The major number will change when the software is no longer compatible to the previous version, e.g. change of database layout.

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